WP AdminTools

WP Admin Tools

WP Admin Tools provides a comprehensive SEO optimization, a “one-click” database clean up function and many useful features that help to optimize a WordPress blog. All SEO functions are combined in one single “must have” plug-in!

Some features in WP Admin tools include:

  • Disable revisions or trash function to optimize the database
  • manually set the auto-save interval
  • limit your blog search results to specific posts or pages
  • let the plugin generate SEO optimized titles
  • write individual meta-information such as description, keywords, robots or information (index, noindex) for each post or page
  • avoid duplicate content by setting a noindex meta information
  • “Tidying up” of <head> information
  •  delete all open comments or spam comments with a single click
  • and much more …

WP AdminTools has been created with the intention to integrate many useful functions into one single, easy-to-use plug-in. Especially with many articles and pages the database grows with increasing size, slowing the entire website as often redundant information is stored. With WP Admin tools, you can clear the database with a few clicks and optimize your blog.


For more information please refer to the original home of WP AdminTools (in german) here.

Download the latest version here

Please feel free to leave comments 🙂


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